Experience The "Entegy Difference"

The Entegy Difference

Entegy is redefining how clients approach specialized media training. What you say (or don't say) in front of the cameras or microphones can impact everything from stock prices and business launches to successful investigations and product endorsements.

Everyone is affected by media. With 24/7 news operations it's even more imperative to have the training necessary to turn those interviews to your advantage.  And you don't have to wait for the news to come to you.  Entegy can help you become a media darling with everything from appearance coaching and wardrobe, to speech presentations and talking in sound bites.

How Media Training Consultants Assist You:

  • Maybe you're a business owner who wants to get their product on the morning shows?
  • Maybe your department has some of the top investigators and you want some positive coverage?
  • Maybe you've decided to turn your many years of expertise into an on-air analyst or host?
  • Or maybe you've decided it's time to run for office?

We're also there for you when times are tough; leaked emails, product recalls, employee trouble, personal life missteps, crime scenes, or any imaginable scenario that can bring out reporters.  When the LIVE truck rolls into your parking lot, it's too late!

We have expertise in all facets of broadcasting:  News, Public Safety, Entertainment, Sports, Business, Health Care, Politics, Talk Shows, Appearance - you name it.

Entegy offers interviewing training, press conference etiquette, crisis handling and rehearsals for specific events.  If you've ever wondered why you seem to be misquoted or not quoted at all, let us help you.

We also offer our ENTEGY Expert Assessment.  If you think media training may be financially tough in this economy, we have a special deal for you.

Let Entegy help you become more successful.  Our Experience Is Your Future!

  • Appearance Coaching

    Let's be honest. We could all use a little 'help'...the TV cameras see everything. Read More
  • Health Care Media Training

    Good or bad, the chances of you being contacted by the media are pretty high. Read More
  • Public Safety Media Training

    From the chief to the line officer, being prepared is essential. Read More
  • Dealing with the Media

    What's the best way to answer reporters questions? Find Out... Read More
  • Sports Media Training

    Athletes today have to perform for the media. Read More
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